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"Arabians are living art! I love the small head… the delicately shaped ears, the expressive intelligence of their eyes, the big nostrils. I love the graceful arched shape of their necks...their abundant charisma, their elegant yet powerfully engaged carriage. It's like none other!" states Breeder Manny Vierra.

As a very successful Breeder of Arabian Horses for nearly 30 years, Manny Vierra has developed Valley Oak Arabians into a Breeding Farm/Breeding Program of National & International recognition & acclaim.

The Vierra “philosophy”… is exceptionally solid! Its goals are both classic and innovative. It is based on the most successful & classic patterns of the great Polish State Breeding Programs of Michalow & Janow… as well as the very best of the enduring & contemporary Straight Egyptian. Valley Oak Arabians is one of the globe’s rarest Arabian Horse Breeding Programs… with a uniquely powerful triad of Pure/Classic Polish, Straight Egyptian and International bloodlines. This breeding “trifecta” gives Vierra the ability to advance all breeding decisions from the thoughtful approach of true selection.

Manny Vierra welcome all… to visit the many specific pages of the VOA Site. All interest & inquiries about their Farm, Horses, Marketing & Promotional Programs are encouraged. Please do not hesitate to contact them.

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Manny Vierra • Brentwood, California, U.S.A.
Manny mobile: 510-325-3974 • Email: imannyv45@aol.com
Website: www.ValleyOakArabians.com

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